DF Sanitary Napkin

Best Septic Product

General Specifications
BrandDisha Fair Trade
Model NameDF Sanitary Napkin
Quantity8 Pcs
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DF Sanitary Napkins are made from 100% organic natural cotton. It contains Anion chip, which is remove of 99.9% of bacteria and pathogens developed due to moisture. These pads provide irritation-free protection against leakage. Designed with the soft breathable material, these pads are chlorine free and help in preventing cervical cancer and gynecological diseases. It contains leakage control channels that help in directing the fluid to the centre of the pad and preventing leakage.

Direction of Use:-

Release off the middle sticker paper and firmly hold pads in the centre of underwear. Then release off the wing’s paper, then stick to the backside of underwear